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Founder and Creative Colorist

Melissa is devoted to the art of hair. Her passion for hair first began when she attended The Salon Professional Academy in Gainesville, FL in 2014. Her first job was located in Jacksonville, FL at an elite Redken salon where she was an assistant to the owner. In the “Summit” style curriculum, she cultivated a structured business ethic to follow the practice on how to become a six figure hairstylist. Two years into her career, she moved back to Gainesville, FL to embark on a mission to learn a new salon culture by working for an Aveda salon. It was here where she flourished in color theory, understanding how to create a formula from scratch. She was able to attract a clientele to match her creativity and was able to produce the type of work that was trendy, fun, and desirable. It was also here where she adopted the spa-like atmosphere many clients can relax to, knowing they will feel refreshed by the end of service. In another two years, she was ready to grow as a business owner to what is now a signature brand, “Hair Full of Secrets.” Mel shares her knowledge with her clients, exchanging tips and tricks, therefore coveting the name.

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Madison is a 23 year old momma from South Carolina who moved to Florida 2 years ago and has been doing hair since! She is well rounded in all aspects from browns to blondes and hand-ties extensions! In her free time you can find her with her two babies listening to music and dancing. She is a free-spirit that loves to make her clients feel confident and beautiful!

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Emily Kyle


Emily’s passion for hair began when she started at the Paul Mitchell school in Tampa in 2015. Shortly after graduation, she sought out a job in a small boutique salon in south Tampa and that’s where she began to perfect her craft. Balayage and extensions were a big part of her salon life in Tampa and she is excited to bring what she knows to HFOS! The thing she loves most about doing hair is that there’s always something new to learn and she gets to build relationships that lead to becoming a big part of her clients lives!

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Liv is a Gainesville native and graduated from an Aveda school in Tallahassee circa 2013. To this artist, hair is much more than what it appears to be. Her focus is on blonding and connecting with her clients. When she is not doing hair, you can find her writing, reading books and traveling.

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Tristany is passionate about hair, especially curls! Her number 1 priority is maintaining the integrity and over-all health of the hair. Give her your hair goals and together you can lay out a plan to achieve them! 

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Jessica’s passion for hair began in 2015. She has since fallen in love with all things hair. She

specializes in blonding techniques and believes in always putting the integrity of your hair first! Outside of work she spends most her time with her family. Come on in and let her help to bring your hair dreams to life!

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Blow Dry Artist

Sereana is a 23 year old from south Florida who has recently relocated to Gainesville. She has always had an interest for the beauty industry. She has been behind the chair 3 years and making people feel beautiful about themselves is what keeps her going! She is looking forward to meeting you all in our pop up Blow Dry Bar!

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Blow Dry Artist

Tarra has been in the industry for six years, with a focus on makeup and styling. She has an interest in graphic design and art. When not doing hair, she works at a medical spa. You'll find this stylist behind the chair in our pop up Blow dry Bar on Friday's! 

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Alex roman

Nail Artist

Alex is a Cuban and Puerto Rican from Miami, Florida and comes with all the spice and flavor Miami has to offer. She been a resident in Gainesville for two years now. She decided to pursue a career in the beauty industry because she loves being creative and making other people feel beautiful, whether its through nails, skin care, or cocktails! You can find her bartending at a popular spot in town. Making others feel good and having fun while doing it, truly brings joy to her heart! Alex enjoys mastering her nail art design, so bring your inspiration photos!

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Russell Owen Wells

Front Desk Coordinator

Say hello to our new operator! A Gainesville native, Russell brings great energy wherever he goes. Not only does he manage the books, but he dual roles as a hairstylist with knowledge from the industry for the past 14 years.